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Roleplaying for Dragon Ball Z Fans who want to customize their own character! This takes place in the Alternate Collaberation Universe with the Universe 93 And Ultimate Z-Fighters Universes
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 The Hasu Race (Universe 66)

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PostSubject: The Hasu Race (Universe 66)   Tue Jan 28, 2014 9:27 pm

The Hasu race is an race of super intellgent ki using warlords in the universe 66 dimension. They don't have super rage like the sayians nor form shifting like the changlings. The Hasu race's gimik is that they can perfectly copy any non-transformitive abliltly (such as namakian super regeration or the yardling instantransmition). As and added bonus the ablity is past down though all generations after.

Hasu soscity is based off a strict order that goes:

1 the death lord/lady - the highest position filled by only one. The death lord is the mastermind behind the Hasu's opperations, but ralely ever see action. Dispite this they are alway vetrens of many battles. the deathlord is tipically male but there have been a fair number of deathladies.

2 The second rod on the ladder is the female Hasu who hold a place that could be compared to general, speciel forces and exacutioners/touturers.

Hana - good example of a female Hasu

3 Under the females of the Hasu come the males. They ate the foot soliders and scouts of the Hasu race.

Daiji - a male Hasu

4 the lowest of the ladder are the drones. They are easily the most pityful of the Hasu race the aren't capable of speech and don't have the honor of being named. Their position is much like slaves, workers and sucide forces. Dispite all this they manage to make up 49% off the Hasu race.

a Hasu drone.

5 Prisoner are people who have surrenderd to the Hasu. Their fate is either rotting in a cell or being eaten.

6 Restience are those who have being destroyed as punishment for not giving into the Hasu Empire.
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The Hasu Race (Universe 66)
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