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 Kaj aslolvir's techniques

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PostSubject: Kaj aslolvir's techniques   Tue Dec 17, 2013 5:02 pm

Basic attacks/techniques:Ki blast, Flight, Full Nelson, Tornado Spiker:Kaj spins in a tornado like fashion and shoots spikes from it sending spikes all around disabling the opponents ability to dodge.

Base form theme: Offsping:your gonna go far kid

Intermediate attacks:Demonic blast (can be multiplied in strength):Kaj raises his hand up then says "Demonic...BLAST" then spins around quickly then shoots a supercharged beam of red at his opponent dealing Normal damage. Satanic beam:(only available through demonic potrean form):Kaj raises one of his hands in front of him then points at the opponent then shouts "SATANIC BEAM!" Then a pure black beam stronger than a demonic blast shoots at his opponent dealing TONS of damage.

Strongest attacks: Spiked kicks:Kaj kicks his opponent to the air then makes spikes come from his feet as his opponent lands on them cutting them severely

Spinning Buzzsaw: Kaj uses his spikes to emerge from his whole body then curls into a ball then spins to speeds of 70 mph cutting his opponent in half killing them immediately if they fail to dodge or counter.

Godly cannon: Kaj puts both of his hands to his chest then a pure white aura surrounds the opponent as a pair of angel like wings trap the opponent then fling him/her to the sky then a White spear shoots through the opponent Bringing them near death.

Today you die!: Kaj uses instant transmissions an shouts "Today you die!" Then grabs their arm and flings them to the sky and instant transmissions infront of the opponent and hammer fist punches then back then flips quickly 4 times then uses the momentum to fling himself down at the opponent punching through them.

Ultimate attacks:

Ending bomb: Kaj leans back and charges his ki and makes a ki bomb (blue) and throws it at his opponent blowing up the area around Kaj and the opponent Dealing the most damage of any of his other attacks

(Tell me if some of the moves are kind of godmodish)
Normal theme:Offspring: your gonna go far kid
Super potrean theme:
Rage potrean:(whenever someone dies)breaking benjamin:without you
Mega potrean theme:Monster(skillet)
Elite potrean theme:Dear agony
Demonic potrean theme:This animal I have become
Holy potrean theme:(sword art online) battle
Unlimited potrean theme:Breaking benjamin until the end
Supreme potrean theme:Bleeding out (imagine dragons)
Ultimate potrean theme:Lost in the echo (Linkin park)
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PostSubject: Re: Kaj aslolvir's techniques   Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:04 am

Base form moves/Techniques:
Energywave: Kaj shoots a wave of energy at the opponent

Thunderclap: Kaj claps his hands so hard it blows the opponent away followed by the sound of thunder

Demon crash: Kaj elbows the opponent then swats them to the air and flies behind them and Does a hammerPunch which sends them back to the ground

Rotor blades: Kaj jumps up and spins around kicking his opponent repeatedly

Demonic blast: A supercharged red beam that Kaj uses most of the time

Boulder crush: Kaj launches the opponent to the air then grabs them and spins them and throws the opponent into the ground then Kaj headbutts the opponent in the gut

Super Kaj skills/technique

Skills:Kaj becomes slightly faster and 2 times stronger making him as strong as a full power ssj

Techniques: Nuclear blast: Kaj fires a green wave of energy at the opponent

Sub-Atomic punch:Kaj lunges at the opponent landing a punch to the face then as they fly back he throws 7 small but ultra charged balls of energy at them

Rainstorm: Kaj jumps high above the opponent and turns away from them shooting spikes from his back at the opponent

Missle launch: Kaj charges energy with both of his hands then splits the energy in half pointing his hands in opposite directions as the energy chases the opponent

Rage Kaj skills/techniques:Kaj's skin becomes grey As his eyes become pure white and his teeth become abnormally sharper than normal

Rage Buster: Kaj forms a pipe shaped energy that takes the form of a pitchfork which he impales the opponent with

Spiked kicks: Kaj uses his spikes to go through his shoes as he kicks the opponent with them piercing them

Demonic Kaj: Kaj becomes stronger, but slower as his skin fades to dark red and he grows 6 spikes

Energy pistol: Kaj raises his hand and holds it like a gun and shoots a small energy sphere at the opponent

Blinding sun: Kaj Uses two hands and a pure white energy ball forms that he shoots at the opponent

Satanic beam: Kaj shoots a small black beam at the opponent that shows the face of satan for a moment

Smiling devil: Kaj spins in a circle and throws a wave of energy at the opponent

Holy Kaj: Pure white skin that makes Kaj slightly weaker but a lot faster

Godly cannon: Kaj shoots a pure white giant wave of energy at the opponent

Holy band: Kaj makes a hoop of energy that tightens on the opponent until it cuts them in half

Heavenly Combination: Kaj Kicks his opponent to the sky and gets behind him/her and says "behind you" with his back turned and the enemy tries to attack him til he turns around and kicks them in the face and flies around knocking them across the area

Hyper potrean:

Hyper tornado: Kaj spins in a tornado that shoots spikes all around him

Assault rifle combo: Kaj flies at the opponent and punches them faster than the speeding bullet rapidly then finishes it with a full force uppercut

Jaw smash: Kaj punches full force at the opponent breaking their jaw like it was paper mâché...or raditz

This is the end for you!: Kaj spin kicks the opponent then uses both hands to perform a double demonic blast at the opponent

Canine Fangs: Kaj bites the opponent on the head (last resort attack)

Hyper demonic blast: An Ultracharged wave of energy flashing blue,green and red.

Earth shatter: Kaj flies above his opponent and Shoots a volley of energy Waves and charges a small sphere of energy which is thrown at the opponent which shakes the earth

Kazu (fusion of nitzu and Kaj)

Star punch: Kazu sweeps the opponent off their feet then punches through their stomach that dissolves their body

Galactic blast: Kazu shoots a Supercharged purple wave of energy at the opponent

Fusion claw slice: Kazu uses his claws and slices the opponent with his claws

For the planet!: Kazu knocks the opponent down and picks them up by the head and puts his hand to their chest and shoots a small beam of energy through them

Non canon transformations!
Supreme potrean:BEING WRITTEN
Elite potrean: BEING WRITTEN

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PostSubject: Re: Kaj aslolvir's techniques   Tue May 13, 2014 11:45 pm

Supreme potrean Moves/ Skillset

Kaj becomes purple and his eyes become green

Chaos ball (all forms): Kaj floats above his opponent and opens up one single hand and a giant orange ball filled with the anger and rage he has built inside of him

Demon crash: (all forms) Kaj elbows the opponent in te stomach, followed by a punch to the face and Kaj kicks the opponent into the air, reappears behind them and hammer punches them to the ground

Faith slasher: A move similar to the special beam cannon, Kaj puts his hands together and does a series of fast movements with his arms then puts a single finger to his forehead and shoots a thin green beam with a white hue

Chaokiji: A move passed down by his ancestors, Kaj raises one had then slams it down which makes a giant pillar of energy form around him that sends out a wave of energy which knocks anyone near it down.

Demon Kamehameha: Kaj puts his hands together and shouts "Demon Kamehameha!" And a reddish blue version of the Kamehameha emits from his hands.

Cannon X: Kaj puts his arms in an X shape and a wide yellow beam of energy forms and shoots at his opponent.

Sonic boom: Kaj curls into a ball and flies at the opponent but quickly uncurls from his ball state and uses the momentum to run at the opponent breaking the sound barrier as he leaves an imprint of his punch on the opponents face.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaj aslolvir's techniques   

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Kaj aslolvir's techniques
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