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Roleplaying for Dragon Ball Z Fans who want to customize their own character! This takes place in the Alternate Collaberation Universe with the Universe 93 And Ultimate Z-Fighters Universes
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 Jaduko Masurao

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Jaduko Masurao


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PostSubject: Jaduko Masurao   Mon Sep 30, 2013 7:17 pm

Name: Jaduko Masurao
Age: 28
Home World: Earth
Race: Saiyan
Main Technique: Super Kamehameha
Transformations (Can Only Go Up To SSJ3): Transformations: SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3, Post God SSJ, Absolute SSJ.
Non-Canon Transformations:False SSJ, SSJ4, SSJ5, Mystic Form.

Father: Shinzai Masurao
Mother: Rasaya Masurao
Children: Resei Masurao (Son)
Rivals: Taisuka Mourestu and Seikyo Jurei
Best Friend: Taisuka Mouretsu
Teammates: Taisuka Mouretsu, Seikyo Jurei, ?, ?, ?, Nitzu Hikaru, The Other Ultimate Z-Fighters, The Z-School, The Half Breeded Empire.
Mate (Wife): Kyuti Masurao.

Personality: A very wise and courageous hero, when the time is right, Jaduko can be one of the funniest Z-Fighters. But when fighting, Jaduko takes over as the leader of the Z-Fighters and take his personality to heart, becoming serious. He has a pure soul.

Back Story: During the era of the saiyan empire, A young Low class saiyan named Shinzai had became a Super Saiyan alongside his partner Resaku, Taisuka's father. Fearing that the two would uprise, King Vegeta had ordered guards to rush the Two Saiyans off Vegeta. Grabbing their family and rushing to the space pods, Shinzai and Resaku escaped Planet Vegeta, Days before Frieza blew it up. One of the saiyans named Seikyo also flew to Earth that day.
Resaku and Shinzai had went different ways on their way of living on Earth, thus having Jaduko's parents residing in the busy Northern City. A Few years have passed and having become a part of the legendary Z-Fighters alongside his former partner and friend, Shinzai and his wife had a child, who they named Jaduko.
Many years passed, training his son, Shinzai had taken Jaduko out to the rocky lands of the South-Western part of the Earth, Where the two had fought for a long time. Suprised at his son's strength, Shinzai transformed into a Super Saiyan and easily kicked Jaduko into a pile of rocks. Where Jaduko's true power was just barely released. Hopping out of the rocks, Jaduko thought that he didn't want to be a weak fighter, So he gave into his anger of getting pushed aside and transformed into a Super Saiyan at the young age of 7, Beating Shinzai with a few blasts (Not really, But he just gave up). Jaduko had trained in his Super Saiyan form for a few months time until the threat known as Zerox came to the Earth. Zerox and Jaduko had battled shortly after Zerox made short work of Shinzai, causing the young Saiyan to think about his father and if he was hurt. Zerox knocked Jaduko into a waterfall where he over came with rage, thinking about what Zerox would do to the Earth, he lunged out of the waterfall in his Super Saiyan form and eventually beat Zerox.
Jaduko has been taught by each of the Z-Fighters and has learned the importance of wisdom. Jaduko now leads the Z-Fighters into victory as he will forever be one of the heroes of legend. Jaduko also is the head master of the Z-School, a School that teaches young martial artists how to harness their power and one day become a Z-Fighter.
Jaduko has faced many tough enemies that included Zerox, Broly, Reybuu, and many, many others. Jaduko still fights as a warrior today and will always be the best in his heart and his pure soul.
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Jaduko Masurao
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