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Roleplaying for Dragon Ball Z Fans who want to customize their own character! This takes place in the Alternate Collaberation Universe with the Universe 93 And Ultimate Z-Fighters Universes
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 Kaj Aslolvir

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PostSubject: Kaj Aslolvir   Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:51 pm

Age: 19
Birth world: Kerotyl
Transformations: Super potrean (taught at birth) Mega potrean, Elite potrean, Demonic potrean, Holy potrean, Supreme potrean
Main attack: Demonic blast (can be multiplied in strength)
Personality: Fearless, determined
Alignment: Good
Background: After 1 year on planet Kerotyl The saiyans had destroyed everything around Kaj Aslolvir The 1 year old potrean was told to flee from the planet using one of the pods the saiyans had arrived in. After 2 years of floating through space Kaj had arrived to earth and crash landed near south city where he had first seen the two saiyans nappa and vegeta but had not fought them in fear of death, after seeing them murder citizens he had trained to eradicate them to avenge those who were murdered by the two.

After 1 year had passed Kaj had learned the ability of mega and elite potrean, growing spikes from his back and head increasing his strength ten-fold. After he had learned these two forms and fought in the world tornament to earn money to help those nappa and vegeta had harmed before nappa was killed and vegeta went to namek. After winning the tournament Kaj had met doragon and nitzu and joined the Z fighters to protect those who cannot protect themself.
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PostSubject: Kaj Aslolvir (Updated)   Sun Aug 30, 2015 12:06 am

Name: Kaj Shizauke Aslolvir (Kaj the Third, the Kaj name is passed down for all sons in the Aslolvir family)

race: Potrean

Homeworld: Earth Birth world: Kerotyl

Age: 16 (Saga 1)

Gender: Male
Teen Kaj Voice actor: Vic Magnona (Edward Elric)
Voice actor: Neil Patrick Seitz (Ragna)
Power Levels:Ages

(Kid Years)
Kid Kaj: 5 (Only seen in Kaj's Origin)
(Teen Years)
teen Kaj: 16
(Adult Years)
Adult Kaj: 38

Based off of: Asura, Vegeta

Affilitations: Universe 93 Z fighters, Ultimate Z fighters

Appearance:Kaj mostly wears a Black hoodie, which covers most of his face, Black pants with Red patches where his knees are


Super Potrean: Kaj's Skin turns Purple and his spikes extend and his power boosts 30%

Rage Potrean: Kaj's skin fades from blue to red and his eyes turn pure white, now growing a sixth spike, whilst his aura changes to Red

Demonic Potrean: A form more uncontrollable than Rage, in this state, Kaj has no sense of reason and lashes out at friend and foe alike, Kaj sprouts 2 extra arms from his back and all 4 of his arms grow a large spike from the elbows, This form was triggered when Kaj was fighting Juzo, after being thrown into a mountain, only for it to last for a few minutes before reverting back to his base form and killing Juzo

Hyper Potrean: Kaj's skin turns purple, like super, His eyes turning pure red, leaving his iris's faded way, as his spikes change from black to blue, as well as ancient Potrean language appearing along the spikes, his power ascending to that of a super saiyan God, but the form puts massive stress on Kaj's body, should he stay in this form for too long, it may result in his demise

Hair: Spikes
Eye Color: Black, (Pure white eyes when Enraged),( Red when Hyper)
Skin Color: Light blue, Green (Super), Red(Rage) Dark Red(Demonic)

Main Techniques (Base Form):
Demonic Blast: A Red beam, Performed in the style similar to the "Big Bang Attack"

Cry of Anger: Kaj channels all his rage into a loud shout which Deafens the opponent for a short time, giving him time to get an attack on this enemy

Demon Crash: Kaj elbows the enemy's stomach, then swats them to the air with a flick of his palm,then Hammer-Punches them to the ground and blasts them with a Demonic Blast X10-20

Other Techniques (All Forms):

Assault rifle combo: a series of punches, finished with a full power Uppercut

Satanic Beam: a small beam blasted through Kaj's finger (Demonic Only)

Raging Spirit: Kaj's aura flares up with fire as he gets a small boost of power

Hyper Tornado: Kaj Spins in a tornado fashion, then impales the opponent with his spikes

Ability: when not being attacked, Potreans can regenerate their energy naturally, they don't have infinite energy however

Fighting style: Mainly kicks, Kaj is strongest in his Ki, due to Potreans being trained specifically in that area, he however lacks in Physical attacking power, which is why most of his physical attacks are quick and short, he also uses his rage into attacks

(Optional) Family:

Father: Kaj II (Deceased)
Mother: Trolla (Deceased)
Rival(s): Nitzu
Best Friend: Nitzu Hikaru
Teammates:Pickollo,Nitzu, Jaduko, Taisuka
Mate (Wife):

Personality: Kaj is Always serious, he is almost always never seen in a situation where he would be calm, he never gives his enemies second chances, unless they truly deserve it, Besides that he is short tempered until his Adult years


Kaj was 5 years old when his planet was destroyed by the Planetary Trade Organization, Kaj stole one of the Saiyan pods they arrived in, just as he escaped the ongoing carnage, the planet exploded, Kaj then landed on New Namek, where he was recovered by a Namekian tribe, raising him as their young, then training him at the age of 10, reaching a power level of 20,000 at 16, when they sent him to earth, for him to pursue his quest to get stronger, where he met Pickollo, being taken under the Guardian of earths wing, he trained with Pickollo, Kaj has a Short Tempered attitude until he becomes 19, which is when he becomes more mellow, but still takes things seriously, and still doesn't have that much control over his enraged and Demonic forms
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Kaj Aslolvir
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